Lemorele 4K HDMI Wireless Transmitter and Receiver 【G50R20】

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 HDMI/TYPE-C wireless transmitter: Plug-and-play HDMI output device for stable screen casting without the need for drivers or installations.
  Driver-free and software-free: Supports mainstream screen casting protocols without requiring any software or driver installations.
  Screen casting button: Features a dedicated projection button for one-touch start/pause, supports multiple transmitter standby, and allows for easy switching between screens.
  4K ultra-clear: Supports 4K ultra-clear video decoding with synchronous audio and video transmission.
  50-meter wireless screen casting: Wireless transmission distance of up to 20 meters, suitable for small to medium-sized conference rooms. Dual-end external antenna design ensures stable connections.
  5G high-speed WiFi: Supports 5GHz high-speed WiFi hotspot connection for stable screen casting.
 WiFi wireless direct connection: Android, Apple, Windows, macOS devices can directly connect to the screen via WiFi without requiring external networks.
  HDMI Compatible: Compatible with all display devices featuring an HDMI interface, and can be used with converters for compatibility with other interfaces.
  Network bridging: Receiver can be bridged to a wireless LAN for remote management.
Multi-platform compatibility: Supports screen casting from mobile phones, tablets, and computers, compatible with Android, Apple, Windows, macOS, and other mainstream systems.

model G50 TX model R20 RX
material ABS material ALLOY
port 1*HDMI   1*TYPE-C port 1*HDMI1.4   1*TYPE-C USB power    1*VGA   1*AUDIO
color BLACK color SPACE GREY
chips AM8270 chips AM8272
power 5V 2A power 5V 2A
memory 1Gbit DDR3 memory 1Gbit
resolution 1080P 60HZ resolution Max 4K 30HZ
memory 1Gbit memory 1Gbit


It allows Multiple transmitters to send signals to A single receiver, enabling efficient and centralized signal reception.

The wireless transmitter features 2.4/5G WiFi signals enabling usage in network-less environments and achieving wireless transmission spanning 50-200 meters.

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The Lemorele wireless video transmission has a latency of less than 50 milliseconds

and supports 1920*1080P wireless transmission.

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