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1. KVM switch is widely used in environments that need to manage multiple computers or devices at the same time, such as offices, data centers, server rooms, and multimedia settings. It provides a convenient and efficient solution, reducing the number of redundant devices, saving space while improving work efficiency. Users can quickly switch between different hosts through simple switching operations to achieve a flexible working environment.

2. Since the USB port of the KVM switch adopts the USB 3.0 standard, users can experience a faster and more efficient data transmission experience. This is especially useful when controlling multiple computers or devices, because the USB 3.0 interface can transmit signals from keyboards, mice, and other external devices faster, allowing users to experience smoother operation and response when switching between different hosts.

3. At 4K resolution, users can watch high-definition videos, edit high-resolution images, and obtain more delicate and realistic visual effects. The 4K@30Hz HDMI output function of the KVM switch provides excellent image quality, brings a better visual experience to users, and enhances the enjoyment of work and entertainment.

4. Free up your desktop space - kvm switch can save your desktop space when you need to use two computers, you can easily switch between 2 computers and USB devices without any confusion. No more plugging and unplugging HDMI cables and USB cables, making your work more convenient and efficient.

5. KVM switch has wide device compatibility and is suitable for a variety of computers and peripheral devices. Including desktop computers and laptops, whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux system, KVM switch can support it well.



Transmittion Speed
2个USB A-3.0
Transmittion Speed
4个USB A-3.0,5GBPS
Power Apply USB-C 5V2A Power Apply Connector
HDM Resolution 4K@30Hz


Thunderbolt ports are fully compatible with USB-C devices and cables

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