Lemorele 3 in 1 HDMI SWITCH 【G99】

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1. This video switcher has multi-channel input and single-channel output functions, supporting the simultaneous connection of three HDMI devices and switching their content to an HDMI monitor or TV for viewing. You can easily switch different HDMI input sources through this switch, such as TV boxes, game consoles, computers, etc., so that you can enjoy content from multiple video sources on one display device. This eliminates the need to frequently plug and unplug HDMI cables and allows you to easily manage multiple devices with just one switch.

2. This video switcher has powerful video processing capabilities and can support video output up to 4K resolution (3840x2160 pixels) and a refresh rate of 30Hz. Whether you're watching high-definition movies, playing games, or doing professional image processing, this switch ensures high fidelity of image quality and clarity of detail. It supports the latest video standards, making your visual experience more realistic and stunning.

3. The switcher also has a smart switching function that automatically detects and switches to the most recently active input source, simplifying the operation process. In addition, the switcher also supports the high-bandwidth HDMI 2.0 standard to ensure stable and high-definition quality of the transmitted video and audio signals.

4. Switching can be done using the provided remote control or the buttons on the device to conveniently select the desired input source. The switcher may also have other functions, such as remote control, fast switching and LED indicators, to provide more operational convenience and visual information.

5. Audio and video synchronized switcher: When you switch input sources, the HDMI switch will automatically detect the new input signal and ensure that the audio and video signals are transmitted to the output port in a synchronous manner. It uses high-speed HDMI connections and advanced signal processing technology to ensure that the audio and video timelines are perfectly aligned, avoiding any delays or desynchronization

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・Support 3 ways 
* HDMI Output
Support the highest distribution rate:4K@30Hz
・Support Enlarge the signal,Bandwidth up to 10.2Gbps
・Bandwidth up to 10.2Gbps
・USB-C 5V2A interface power supply
・Compatible HDMI 2.0