Lemorele Wireless HDMI USB-C-1080P Transmitter Kit 【R200】

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SKU: R200


0.05S Low Latency

Excels with increased transmission distance while preserving video quality and minimizing latency

1 TX to 4 Receivers

Offers more flexibility when additional monitoring needs emerge on set.

Recharge Batteries

 Power the units via rechargeable batteries for on-the-go shooting, or utilize AC adapters for continuous power supply during longer sessions.

Up to 656ft (200m)

Enjoy the flexibility of shooting from a distance of up to 656ft (200m) without compromising signal quality.


Provides better signal transmission performance and efficiency.


Multiple Receiver Support Allows for easy expansion or scalability in the future if your needs change or if you want to add more displays to your setup.


Cooling&Ultra-fast Wireless

Heat Dissipation The primary function of the cooling fan is to dissipate heat generated during operation.

The cooling fan helps maintain optimal operating temperatures, preventing overheating and potential performance issues.

Super-charging with Batteries

Energy Efficiency

Super-charging technology optimizes the charging process, delivering maximum power to the batteries in a shorter amount of time. This enhances energy efficiency, reducing overall power consumption and extending set life

Transmitter (TX) Receiver (RX)
Model R200 TX Model R200 RX
Material PVC Material PVC 
Interface Introduction 2*HDMI   1*TYPE-C Interface Introduction 2*HDMI   1*TYPE-C
Color Black Color Black
Chips AM8270 Chips AM8270
Power Supply 5V 2A Power Supply 5V 2A
Memory 1Gbit DDR3 Memory 1Gbit
Resolution 1080P 60HZ Resolution 1080P 60HZ
Battery Li-ion 7.4V 4400Mah 32.5Wh  Memory Li-ion 7.4V 4400Mah 32.5Wh 

What's in the Box?