usbc to dual hdmi
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usb c to dual hdmi
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usbc to dual hdmi
macbook air dual monitor adapter
hdmi dual monitor adapter
usb-c to hdmi adapter
usb c to hdmi adapter
dual hdmi adapter
usb c to dual hdmi
usb c hdmi adapter
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Lemorele USB C to Dual HDMI Adapter 【#TC21】

⭐【4K Max Resolution 】⭐【Wide Compatibility】⭐【Plug & Play】

€25.63 €26.98
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The TYPE-C model is constantly updated ... not sure if your device is compatible with the hub, email us to confirm. 

*Before Purchasing, Please Check if Your Laptop has USB-C Thunderbolt 3.0 Port and Supports Display Port Alternate Mode or Video Output.


Connect Phones with USBC Port

Supports for smartphone(with usbc port) with video output. Such as Samsung Galaxy s8 s9 s10 s20, LG G5, LG V20, HTC 10 etc.

In addition, you can enjoy game time and watching UHD video.

Cinema-like Video Experience

Supports resolution up to [email protected]

To enjoy the 4K HD, please use the HDMI 1.4 or higher cable.

The 4K resolution requires a 4K source, a HDMI cable and an output display.

Superior design

Small Size, not bulky, easy to put it into the pocket, and bring around to party/speeches/activities.

The ultra-thin and compact design and the light and thin texture of about 28g ensure absolute comfort for you.


Mac OS

Mirror Mode: A-A/AA
Extend Mode: A-B/BB
*Attention: Does not support 2 external displays show different images for Apple devices in extend mode.


Mirror Mode: A-A/AA
Extend Mode: A-B/BB/BC


Mirror Mode: A-A/AA
(3 Screens' show the same image.)


-For Mac OS, it supports Mirror mode (AAA) and Extend mode (ABB)
-For Windows, it supports Mirror mode (AAA), Extend mode (ABB), and Extend mode (ABC)
For Apple computer, it doesn't work extending 3 different screens.




Dual Video Resolution Configurations:

[email protected] = 1 display / [email protected] = 2 displays / [email protected] = 2 displays / [email protected] = 2 displays

Please Noted: The final resolution of HDMI output depends on your devices, (Only when your devices support 4K resolution, the video output will be 4K.)


*How to switch Mac device to Extend Mode?

"Setting" → "Display" → click the "mirror display" box to switch to Extend mode → then you can drag a window of website/movie to the rightest side of your desktop screen until it disappears on your desktop screen and shows up on the external monitor screen

(Note: On Mac devices, CAN NOT extend two different screen, ONLY Mirror Screens due to Mac OS limitation)

*How to connect Extend Mode for Windows?

Right-click desktop→ select Intel display Settings → pop-up Settings screen select display→ select multi-screen display→ expand the desktop

(If the display 3 is not displayed, please to manually select the display→click to apply to confirm can set OK)

*If one the display does not display, How to do?

Right-click desktop > Graphics Settings > Select One or More Active Displays


Different system settings have different operations, If you are not clear how to operate, please feel free to send an email to us, we can gladly help you; Not Support Apple devices to output two different split screens, including MacBook Air / Pro, iMac, etc




Apple Macbook 12 inch, Macbook Pro 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020, Macbook Air 2018/2019/2020, iPad Pro 2018/2020
Asus Ling Yao 3, Ling Yao 3PRO, Ling Yao X series, ROG series, U4100ROG, U5100UQ series
Dell XPS13, XPS15, G3 / G5 / G7 series, Lingyue 5000/7000
Lenovo Saviour Y7000/Y7000P/Y9000K, YOGA6 Pro, ThinkPad X1 Carbon/Yoga
Microsoft  Surface Book2, Surface Go
HP EliteBook Folio G1, EliteBook 1050 G1, Shadow Elf 4 Pro
Xiaomi Air 12.5/13.3 inch, Pro 15
Honor MagicBook Pro, MagicBook
Huawei P40,P40 Pro,Mate 30,Mate30 Pro,Mate10, Mate10 Pro,P20,P20 Pro,Mate20,Mate 20 Pro,Mate 20 X, Honor V20/Note10
Samsung S8 / S8 +, S9 / S9 +, S10 / S10+ / S20 / S20+, Note9/10/20
  • Lemorele USB-C hub NO needs any extra drivers whatever from any ports. Update device/laptop's drivers and try charging hub continuously for better connection.

  • Hub not recognized on Windows 11 >

-these days, there is new discovery for Windows 11 where drivers are too old to run, advise updating drivers from laptop brand official website or below software recommended by users(charges)

  • Error [Code 43] >

-here is an article that may help.

  • Ethernet not working > 

-Make sure the ethernet driver on your laptop is updated, if not, go to Realtek official to download.
Realtek USB FE / GBE / 2.5G / Gaming Ethernet Family Controller Software - REALTEK

  • HDMI not working >

-Confirm with laptop brand that the USB-C port on laptop supports [DP alt mode], if not, HDMI can not output from the laptop.
-Try another HDMI cable.
-Connect power adapter into hub to fulfill enough power for hub to activate.

  • USB not recognize >

-Make sure USB format is compatible with laptop system's requirements.
-Connect power adapter into hub to fulfill enough power for hub to activate.
-Try other different USB devices you have.

  • USB keeps disconnecting >

-Check this article you might have an answer.

  • Nintendo Switch no transfer video to external screen >

-A lot of customers have the issue that not transferring to an external monitor > this feature must be charging to be activated, thus plug Nintendo AC power adapter into hub is a MUST.

  • Chromecast with Google TV >

-The Chromecast dongle must be charging with 5V/2A at least by wall socket not USB on TV (insufficient watt), go charging it through hub.
-USB disk or storage medium not recognized > make sure to format it as FAT32.

  • [Slow Charger] Windows notification from Dell notebooks>

-Learn from Dell community, the issue caused by the BIOS version. it's not easy for general users, go for Dell support or find a friend who is good at PC configuration to help. here is the source


  • Email [email protected] for further help after trying the above steps, also provide the below info for fast debug >
  1. order #
  2. model # of hub
  3. the specific model of laptop/device
  4. running OS
  5. specific issue(a video is great)
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