Lemorele USB-C 10-in-1 docking station 【TC91】

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1. 2 HDMI interfaces can output 2 video signals to 2 monitors and provide you with more stable performance. No drivers or software required, just plug and play. Support extended mode or mirror mode

2. When a single HDMI interface is used, the maximum resolution output is 4K30Hz. When two HDMI interfaces are used at the same time, the resolution is 1080P60Hz.
3. This device is an ideal gadget for video editors, photographers, and programmers. Supports SST and MST modes. On Apple Mac OS, two HDMI can only be displayed simultaneously

4. Equipped with 5 USB interfaces, mobile phones, tablets, and hard drives can easily transfer data through the USB-C port.



Chip LT8712EXI
Plug In USB C(Type-C) USB C(Type-C)
Receptacle HDMI 2*, HDMI1.4, supports resolutions up to 4K@30Hz; supports copy (same screen) mode and expansion mode
USB A 3.0
3*,Data transmission speed is up to 5Gbps
TF/SD Connector 1*SD , 1*TF.
USB 2.0 480Mb/s theoretical data, actual read and write speed 20MB/S, supports SDHC (capacity up to 32GB)/SDXC (capacity up to 2TB)
USB-C 1个,1 MAX Resolutions up to 4K@30Hz;
USB2.0 1个,Data transmission speed is up to 480Mbps;
USB C(Type-C)  1个,fast charge computers/mobile phones/tablets, fast charging power up to 100W, only supports one-way charging, does not support data transmission, and does not support audio and video transmission.


Thunderbolt ports are fully compatible with USB-C devices and cables

THUNDERBOLT™ ports provide high bandwidth for connecting high-speed devices. THUNDERBOLT™ cables help to ensure a quality connection between the device and a PC.

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