Lemorele USB C to Dual HDMI Adapter 10-in-1 【#TC91】

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Lemorele 10 in 1 USB C Dual HDMI Adapter USB C Docking Station Dual HDMI Monitors for Window/iOS/Linux/Android System

This USB C Docking Station is a great compliment for your USB-C New Laptop. With this laptop docking stations, you can stream/extend video to your monitor/projector/TV with 2HDMI from your Laptop. And you can use 2 supper fast speed usb 3.0 ports and 1 usb c 3.0 data port(Speed up to 5Gbp/s) to connect your hard drives for your new usb c latops and 2 usb 2.0 prot to connect your keyboard, mouse(Without any lag). For working, conference, video, daily life and more. provide you usb c 100w & SD/TF to your usb c laptops.

Our USB C Dual HDMI Adapter with a sleek aluminum alloy, compared with plastic adapters, the Aluminum-alloy Body Case creates a safer, more durable, and more beautiful USB C adapter.

The USB C Dongle using exclusive multi-protection systems ensures over-current , short circuit and high-temperature protection to make your devices extend their working life, and provide more excellent performance.

The USB C Hub multiport adapter with Extensive compatibility meets every need of almost all USB-C devices, With the slim and lightweight design, the Type C Adapter is portable to use at the home, at the office, or during a traveling to increase work efficiency and make life easier.

10 in 1 USB C Docking Station Dual Monitor Quad Display USB C Hub Multiport Adapter with 2 HDMI for Dell/HP/Lenovo Thinkpad/Surface/MacBook Pro

1 - When using only one HDMI connection, the output resolution is 4K@30Hz 3840*2160 .

2 - When using two HDMI connections, the output resolution is to 1080P@60Hz 1920*1080 .

3 - When the USB-C hub is connected to a Windows system device for expansion, the images on the three displays can be the same or different. Expansion modes: A-BB/A-AB/A-BC.

4 - When connected to an Apple laptop, the monitors can only be used in mirror mode, with two external screens displaying the same content and the laptop screen displaying the rest. Or three screens displaying the same content. Advanced mode: A-BB/A-AA

Important Note:


  • Triple Display for Windows: only support the Triple display for Windows. In extend mode, allows you to display the content of your laptop to 2 monitors which maximum output up to 3840*2160 4K@30hz resolution.
  • MST FUNCTION: Mac OS DOSE NOT support. only supported by Windows.
  • Mac OS System: For Apple laptop, its not support extend 2 different screens, displays are Mirror mode only which is limited by Mac itself. means that the two external monitors are same. but laptop screen can display different content from them.
  • Not support some usb c devices: To use this product the host USB-C port from your device must support DisplayPort Alt Mode and Power Delivery.
  • 4K HDMI Display: The final resolution of HDMI output depends on your host devices. (Only when your devices support 4K resolution, the video output will be 4K). Use HDMI2.0/DP1.4 or above cables for optimum performance.