Lemorele Desktop multi-port charging 100W white 【PQ1006D】

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Plug and PlayNo drivers or applications are required for this wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver. Simply connect the wireless HDMI transmitter (TX) to an HDMI output device and the wireless HDMI receiver (RX) to an HDMI input device and power them on with a 5V/2A adapter. Synchronization will occur automatically within 10 seconds. This solves problems such as cabling problems and short transmission distances.

164FT Wireless Transmission with 5GHDMI wireless adapter uses 2.4G/5G dual-band output for more stable and faster video transmission. Equipped with a high-performance chip for long-distance signal transmission up to 164FT/50M. (Signal transmission distance through walls will be shortened)

HD Visual ExperienceThe wireless HDMI extender's video output frame rate is 1080P@60Hz, supporting full RGB color gamut without compression or artifacts. You can easily enjoy videos with "HDCP" protocol like Neflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, HBO, Sky Go, HULU, Youtube, etc.

TipsA wireless HDMI receiver can be used with up to 8 HDMI transmitters. Also you can use 4 pairs of HDMI wireless kit at the same time without interfering with each other. Greatly convenient for your office meetings.

Permanent After-sales ServiceLemorele always offers one year product warranty, you can request unconditional return and exchange, and maintain a 24-hour online human customer service to welcome your inquiries at any time.


Model G57 RX Model G57 RX
Material ABS Material ABS
Interface Introduction HDMI Public Connector Interface Introduction HDMI Public Connector
Color Black Color Black
Chips 8268B Chips 8268B
Power Supply 5V 2A Power Supply 5V 2A
Memory 1Gbit Memory 1Gbit
Resolution 1080P 60HZ Resolution 1080P 60HZ
Memory 1Gbit Memory 1Gbit

1. Wireless HDMI transceiver: Wireless audio and video transceiver equipment, which can realize wireless connection between computers, cameras, set-top boxes, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, mobile phones, Steam docks and other HDMI devices with large-screen devices such as TVs, projectors, monitors, etc. It solves the disadvantage that audio and video need to be connected using HDMI cables.

2. Wireless transmission distance: Lemole wireless hdmi adapter can achieve a wireless transmission distance of 50 meters, meeting the usage environment of large and medium-sized classrooms. Also available for 20 person meeting room area. Allows your computer to project onto the projector anywhere in a 200 square meter environment. Say goodbye to cable tethering.

3. Wireless transmission frequency: Using the Realtek 8731BU WiFi module, it can achieve 2.4G/5.8G dual-frequency transmission. It can also achieve long-distance real-time transmission under the premise of resisting environmental interference. It is widely used in office meetings, education and teaching and other places where screen sharing is required.

4. Display resolution: Its display resolution is 1080P, which can be used with Acer, BenQ and other brand projectors, and also supports 100-inch conference flat panels. Allowing you to enjoy the big screen while also experiencing the simplicity brought by wireless.

5. Multi-person collaborative operation: It can support up to 8 transmitters and 1 receiver. It is more suitable for conference scenarios and can be used by multiple people without replacement.