lemorele usb c hub
lemorele usb c hub 9 in 1
PD charging
lemorele hub usb c
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lemorele usb c hub
lemorele usb c hub 9 in 1
PD charging
lemorele hub usb c
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Lemorele USB C Hub 8 in 1 【#TC19】

✅ 【Ethernet 100m】 ✅ 【HDMI 4K】 ✅ 【USB-C PD Charging】✅ 【SD/TF Slots】

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lemorele hub usb c

【 Compatible with Nintendo Switch & Google TV

*Before connecting U disk or other storage medium with the hub, make sure to format it as FAT32.

lemorele hub usb c NINTENDO SWITCH GOOGLE TV

Fast & stable Ethernet

With this USB-C Multiport Hub, you can work at home instead of just staying in the office.


lemorele hub usb c


Super speed data transfer & OTG function

The USB port supports stable and ultra-fast data transfer and enables you to enjoy a movie or work at home straight away.

With a USB hub, mobile phones that support OTG can easily read the data on the USB memory stick, and connect to a mouse/keyboard, or to an external display.


lemorele hub usb c


UHD Visual Experience

Mirror or expand 4K video on a television, monitor, or projector and enjoy streaming on a larger screen with [email protected] UHD or 1080p Full HD resolution.


lemorele hub usb c


Data transfer

Can easily transfer videos and files in seconds, wherever you are.


lemorele hub usb c


100W PD charging

PD optimizes energy management for multiple peripheral devices so that each device only consumes the energy required for the current process.


lemorele hub usb c


Read SD / TF cards

Transfers data and shares all your beautiful moments to social Apps in seconds.


lemorele hub usb c

  • Lemorele USB-C hub NO needs any extra drivers whatever from any ports. Update device/laptop's drivers and try charging hub continuously for better connection.

  • Hub not recognized on Windows 11 >

-these days, there is new discovery for Windows 11 where drivers are too old to run, advise updating drivers from laptop brand official website or below software recommended by users(charges)

  • Error [Code 43] >

-here is an article that may help.

  • Ethernet not working > 

-Make sure the ethernet driver on your laptop is updated, if not, go to Realtek official to download.
Realtek USB FE / GBE / 2.5G / Gaming Ethernet Family Controller Software - REALTEK

  • HDMI not working >

-Confirm with laptop brand that the USB-C port on laptop supports [DP alt mode], if not, HDMI can not output from the laptop.
-Try another HDMI cable.
-Connect power adapter into hub to fulfill enough power for hub to activate.

  • USB not recognize >

-Make sure USB format is compatible with laptop system's requirements.
-Connect power adapter into hub to fulfill enough power for hub to activate.
-Try other different USB devices you have.

  • USB keeps disconnecting >

-Check this article you might have an answer.

  • Nintendo Switch no transfer video to external screen >

-A lot of customers have the issue that not transferring to an external monitor > this feature must be charging to be activated, thus plug Nintendo AC power adapter into hub is a MUST.

  • Chromecast with Google TV >

-The Chromecast dongle must be charging with 5V/2A at least by wall socket not USB on TV (insufficient watt), go charging it through hub.
-USB disk or storage medium not recognized > make sure to format it as FAT32.

  • [Slow Charger] Windows notification from Dell notebooks>

-Learn from Dell community, the issue caused by the BIOS version. it's not easy for general users, go for Dell support or find a friend who is good at PC configuration to help. here is the source


  • Email [email protected] for further help after trying the above steps, also provide the below info for fast debug >
  1. order #
  2. model # of hub
  3. the specific model of laptop/device
  4. running OS
  5. specific issue(a video is great)
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