Lemorele USB-C 6-in-1 docking station 【TC73PLUS】

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1. HUB with MST function Docking station has Multi-Stream Transport function based on DisplayPort technology. Through this DUAI hdmi HUB, the desktop of Windows or MacOs can be extended to two other displays to achieve 3-screen differential display. function (3 monitors showing different images respectively) to utilize the maximum work space. Note: This product supports Windows 10 and above, Mac OS 10.15 and above.

2. Implement MacOs MST function The six-in-one Docking station is equipped with three 3.0 USB A ports, two HDMI ports, and one 100W PD port. The biggest feature of the HUB is that it realizes the Multi-Stream Transport of the Mac Os system. The function extends the Mac Os desktop to the other two monitors to achieve the function of three-screen differential display.

3. 4K30hz UHD Resolution The maximum resolution of dual HDMI HUB can reach 4K30HZ, and the 4K interface can be plug-and-play, quickly transforming a small screen into a large screen, with clear picture quality to meet daily needs. The HDMI interface at the bottom of the product has a resolution of 1080P@60hz. You need to install the driver when using the device for the first time (the instructions have operating steps, please read them carefully).

4. Fast Data Transfer Docking station has three 3.0 USB A ports the maximum transfer rate can reach 5Gbps, and can transfer 480MB in 1 second. It can quickly and stably transfer large-capacity data, and can connect multiple external devices at the same time, such as keyboards and mice. , hard disk, printer, etc. Eliminate clutter on your desktop and maintain a clean and fresh working environment

5. 100W fast charging  PD100W fast charging function can quickly charge laptops while using all other hub functions, providing high-speed charging of up to 85W for laptops. So you don’t have to worry about your laptop running out of power when the hub is fully loaded.



USB C(Type-C) USB C(Type-C)3.0
Receptacle(Input) HDMI Port 2 pcs 4K30hzHDMI 2.0, supports resolution up to 4K@30Hz; supports copy (same screen) mode and expansion mode.
1x1080P HDMI
USB-A Port 3 pcs 3.0; data transmission speed up to 5Gbps; can charge other devices after connecting to the computer
USB C(Type-C3.0) 1pc supports fast charging power up to 100W



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