Lemorele Portable Wireless HDMI VR Transmitter Kit 【P30】

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Connect AR glasses to read emails

No Bluetooth required, no Wi-Fi required, simple yet effective, saving you time and keeping your office/room tidy.
Connect your laptop (P20 TX) via wireless signal to read emails using AR glasses, plug in, click and wirelessly cast anything from your favorite mobile device. The wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver come pre-paired at the factory, making it a plug-and-play device without the need for additional apps, Bluetooth or Wifi.

 HD Visual Experience The wireless HDMI extender's video output frame rate is 1920*1080P@60Hz, supporting full RGB color gamut without compression or artifacts. You can easily enjoy videos with "HDCP" protocol like Neflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, HBO, Sky Go, HULU, Youtube, etc.


Transmitter (TX) Receiver (RX)
Model P20 TX Model P30 RX
Material ABS Material ABS
Interface Introduction 1 for HDMI Public Connector Interface Introduction 1 for HDMI Public Connector
1 for Type-C 1 for Type-C (5V,VR)
Color Black Color Black
Chips 8268B+8360B Chips 8268B+8360B
Power Supply 5V 2A Power Supply 5V 2A
Memory 1Gbit Memory 1Gbit
Resolution 1920*1080P Resolution 1920*1080P @60HZ
@ 60HZ
Memory 1Gbit Memory 1Gbit



It allows Multiple transmitters to send signals to A single receiver, enabling efficient and centralized signal reception.

The wireless transmitter features 2.4/5G WiFi signals enabling usage in network-less environments and achieving wireless transmission spanning 50-200 meters.

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The Lemorele wireless video transmission has a latency of less than 50 milliseconds

and supports 1920*1080P wireless transmission.

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