Lemorele Capture Card 【AC06】

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  4K 30HZ loop-out capture card Lemorele video capture card has 2 HDMI interfaces, 1 USB C interface, 1 HDMI as video input interface, 1 HDMI as video output interface, with video loop-out function. USB C port for video capture. The capture and loop output of this product are both at 4K30HZ resolution.

2.  Timely feedback without delay  The biggest difference between this capture card and other capture cards is the addition of HDMI output interface. When the USB port collects audio and video, the HDMI output can be connected to an external monitor. When shooting or playing games, it can provide timely feedback without delay.

3.  Premium Materials & Unique Design  Customized cable, USB C to USB A/C - In order to solve the problem of a single interface in notebooks, a two-in-one interface design is adopted to make it more compatible, and the A/C port can be switched freely , to meet the needs of different interfaces.


4. Plug & play The video capture card does not need to install complex programs, just plug and play. The design is compact and portable, making it easy to carry. Video feedback is immediate after connection, without delay, making it suitable for game live broadcasts and teaching recordings.

5. Wide Applicability Lemorele video capture card is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android and other operating systems. You can use your video capture device to easily live stream and record videos on OBS, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Potplayer, VLC, TikTok, and more. It is also suitable for high-definition capture, video conferencing, teaching recording, medical imaging, live game entertainment, home theater, etc.



Power supply/5V2A
Support Highest Resolution 4K@30Hz
Remote Control
Manual Switch
Infrared remote control