About Lemorele

As a representative city of "high-tech and innovation" in China,
Shenzhen is unique in its competitiveness in the field of intelligent manufacturing.
In 2018, we decided to establish a company, dedicated to bringing top-notch affordable USB C HUB to the world,
especially for Notebooks/laptops/MacBook/iPad/tablets users' needs.






We strive for considerate design, responsible quality, Eco-friendly package, and smooth customer service. 
We get it right, so you don't pay the price!
We manufacture hubs with the highest quality materials, making sure they can withstand the craziest lifestyles on the daily.
Our affordable prices come from us doing the right amount of research and development before a product is produced.

You are our No.1!
With LiveChat available every weekday and around-the-clock emails for any question you may have at any time.

Sometimes a product just isn’t right for you. If you meet products issues, we’ve got you covered!
Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee empowers you to exchange for a new one that you’ll love without hassle.