USB C SSD Enclosure - Lemorele M.2 SSD Enclosure @Michael'sTechTalk 【#SD1】


so today I've got another SSD enclosure video for you guys and this one is from the guys over at Lemorele so big thanks for sending this over to me I really really appreciate it so let's get into the video, the unboxing of this was pretty straightforward i just opened it up inside there was a bookmark which is handy if you read books there was a list of football club stickers so pretty cool if you're a football fan and there was also a list of instructions as well which was in multiple languages pretty straightforward stuff and also in the box there were two USB cables so there was a USB-C to USB-C cable and there was a USB-a to USB-c cable so you're pretty well covered there for all types of connections

and then of course in the box was this little enclosure so as you can see it comes in a like a dark metallic gray it is an aluminum outer case and then on the inside then there's the SSD housing which is made of plastic and the assembly was pretty straightforward it's simply two screws as you can see there is multiple positions for multiple different sizes of m.2 SSD so obviously i have a spare 512 gig SSD kicking about.

so I installed it pretty straight forward two simple screws and you don't need any tools for this and literally, you put the back screw in, and then you put the little thumbscrew in you screw it together by hand simple easy peasy so yeah so that's it all set up so what I'm gonna do for you guys now is I'm gonna get this set up now uh I'm sure you've noticed in the previous SSD enclosure video I did one on the anchored enclosure.

so if you didn't catch that out you can check it out right there but what i will do now for a bit of variety is i will set this SSD up on windows because on the previous video I set up the SSD on mac os so for a better variety i will set this upon windows the connection is pretty strong i will say on the uh usbc cable so that's a good sign I'll send you one is a flimsy little-connection and we'll just connect this into windows it's worth noting as well that i did get a lot of questions on my anchor video as to what chipset the controller uses on the enclosure and to be honest i don't actually know because it's very very hard to see the components on the inside of the anchor enclosure on this one it is very very simple and there's a product number

so it is a micro am 8180 chipset so for the people that I'll ask there you go on windows then so what we do is you click your start button and you go to disk management and then once in disk management you'll see so where it says zero that's RC drive so that's where Windows is installed and then on disk one that's our external SSD so as you can see we have all this on allocated space so if you right-click new symbol volume click next full capacity yes please sign the letter d give it a volume label, I will just call it data hit next and finish i'll give it a quick format and boom there you go so if we close out of that go into this pc there you go we have our full SSD easy.

so that just about wraps it up on the whole and it does exactly what it says in the tent it's a cracker little enclosure it is solid build quality and it does transfer at the speeds that it's advertised which is good to know and also it's pretty cheap you can pick us up on a book for about 22 pounds on amazon which is pretty good.

*Note: as too many buyers install screw in wrong way that results in SSD get stuck, the current version is having [rubber stoper] instead of screw. -02.2022