USB C Hub, Lemorele 9 in 1 USB C Hub Multiport Adapter w/Gigabit Ethernet @J. Williams 【#TC39】

    so today I got a hub in here that I'm gonna demonstrate for you that's a nine and one and this one has an ethernet port in here so I'm curious to see how that'll work and I'll test that out but here it is right here you can see all the things in the pictures that it can do here this hub does not attach directly to your MacBook or MacBook Pro or whatever you're using it with uh through type it has the cable on it like this and you know I have several of these but let's check this one out and we'll test it on my MacBook Pro and I'll plug a few things in

and we'll test it out so this is how it comes to you got some little stickers in here okay so something as simple as this though this is pretty cool I've never seen unseen this before with a company sending little stickers uh in the box here this is pretty cool android apple windows google, actually going to use these, to be honest, I'm not in front of you so so here's the hub what it's a lot longer than I thought, let's get this over here and there's the ethernet port now I have look at this it's got a little panda on the back here because

that's I think that's the name of this one here as the little tag for this one that is this is the cool man I mean I'm normally not as excited about stuff like this but this is uh some detail here and just for just a hub it's pretty nice cable is very thick but um this is cool right here man isn't that cool you got to get prosperous too so you've got your pass through right here this is your PD and then you've got your type c for data right there then you get your TF and your full and you got your ethernet down here and then you have three ports over here and an HDMI that can put out 4k

so I'm going to grab my MacBook Pro and we're going to plug this in through type c, the one thing I'm going to test is my fiber internet because I have fiber internet and so I'm getting 900 plus up and down so let's see if this ethernet port what kind of power it can pull in for me but this is a longer cable than I'm used to seeing but it is there so I'm going to grab a few things to plugin I'm going to plug in type c

I'm going to plug in an sd card and I'll do something in the thumb drive and I'm getting ready to test out uh this ethernet port so let's get this ball rolling to let me get it kind of set up you grab some things and uh we'll keep it moving all right so let's go to network and the ethernet port appears to be working soum it is plugged in so it's looking good so now I'm going to do a speed test while this doesn't appear to be certified at one gig it is working and giving some pretty decent speeds so that's pretty good getting 500/600 down and 590.

so it looks like this is peeking out this is pretty good for me to have fiber this is still fairly good plug in a few things here I'm gonna go ahead and plug in several things at once I'm gonna go ahead and plug in an sd card so you'll start to see things pop up on the top up there that is a regular full-sized card and I'm going to plug in a type drive and there you see it pop up now I'm going to plug in a regular USB thumb drive

and all things are working so that is pretty cool that it is working there's the thumb drive here's the Samsung drive and here is the full-size sd card so that is it's good to go it's working ethernet works all ports work all right so there you are I have it plug this is all the things I plugged in and also tested that ethernet now again the ethernet port on here I don't know if this is certified for one gig it might be it might not be but I get uh 900 plus with my adapter my other adapter here that I use regularly

so this is a good portman um I wasn't expecting this type of quality but this is a much longer cable than I'm used to when some of these coming in and this is nice folks I tell you no lies uh this is a type c drive right here that I have plugged in this is a regular sd card and this is a regular thumb drive and I still have HDMI and two more ports and I still have my passthrough for charging if I need to do that and then I have a TF card down there little basically a micro-sd card slot soum this is nice and tested it on my MacBook

but you can test it on whatever you want if you don't have a MacBook you still go through type c and you're when you plugin ethernet if your computer doesn't have ethernet this will register it which means I'll probably use this with my iPad or just any tablet that type-c it's limitless so uh there it is guys you gotta admit this is cool this design here I like this so you can mount this up however you wanted to mount it up everything will work for you this cools the panda.