The Only USB-C Adapter You Will Ever Need! @InsideWire【#TC25】


this usbc adapter is the only adapter you will ever need whether at home or even if you travel about now i know every use case can be different for me. I needed a hub that can be used between devices no additional power is needed and gave me all the ports i need so. let me show you the Lemorele usbc seven in one adapter now this device is cheap and does the job i need it to do. i can use it on my Apple iPad a windows based laptop or even my MacBook pro this device will set you back about 32pounds at the time of this recording in the UK and 35 dollars in the states but keep an eye out as there tend to be offered on them from time to time so let's take a look at what comes inside the box this is Lemorele seven in one usb-c hub.

so it's fairly basic there's not a lot to it we go ahead and open this up and we pull out the USBC adapter itself it's fairly it's not made of plastic i think the side bit is made of plastic but the main bit is some sort of aluminum shell the quality of the usbc cable is not bad it doesn't feel like it's gonna break or snap or anything and you have the usb-c connection here also inside the box you have some stickers bit random some of these stickers are but there are some stickers on here if you ever want to use them and finally it comes with a bookmark i am your bookmark so yeah another random thing to put inside the box but hey I'm sure they're always useful.

so let's have a look at what this adapter gives you the adapter gives you seven ports that you can use through one usbc connection it has a HDMI connection to hook up a display that supports [email protected] hertz there's a gigabit ethernet connection on the back of it which can also run at 100 megabits or even 10megabits if anyone even uses those speeds anymore it has two USB-A ports to plug in any USB type a device such as memory sticks and these USB ports support up to five gigabits per second in transfer speed alongside this you also have a USB-C power delivery port which can supply up to 100 watts don't worry all you new MacBook pro owners you can still charge your laptop via usbc and you don't have to use the MagSafe connection finally you have an sd card reader and just in case you're like me and you can never find an adapter when you're looking for one there's also a micro sd slot as well and these slots support up to 104 megabits per second in transfer speed.

so let's go ahead and put these to the tests and transfer some files and see how long they take now before i get told in the comments i know there are a lot of varying factors for this but I'll show you anyway here is the usb drive you can see it's USB 3 and let's just pop that in so I've loaded up the drive with a test folder and i have a couple of clips here soum two and a half gig and one and a half gig and a gig so we'll just transfer them to the folder and um yeah let's quickly have a quick look at how long it takes so this is the file transfer speed so that took approximately about three and a half minutes to transfer all of that now keep in mind i was transferring to a USB drive which is not a solid-state.