The Best and My New Favorite USB C Hub Lemorele 9 in 1 Multiport Adaptor @TodayIFeelLike 【#TC39】

we're going to take a look at the Lemorele 9 in 1 usbc hub multi-port adapter this thing looks like it's going to be awesome because there is one particular feature well actually two features on here that I really really like so let's jump into it take a look at it see what it looks like and then test it out and here we go.

all right let's take a quick look around this box and then get it out of the packaging so we can check it out and we can see here it's just going to be a little bit of branding it's going to say nine in one usb c hub multi-port adapter and we can see what it's going to look like in the picture on the backside we get a little bit better idea of what we're going to get it looks like we're going to get an HDMI port we're going to get three USB data ports we're going to get an ethernet port a sd card slot and

we're going to get two usb ports on here one is going to be for PD charging and the other ones going to be for data so that's going to be fantastic so it says usbc i'm loving that and then it's a usbc into your computer there and then there's some contact info so all right let's go ahead and uh cut through this plastic there so that we can get this out of the uh out of the box and take a look at it and let's see if we can get this thing out here we go. alright looks like we have a bookmark.

so there we go kind of cool they gave us a little bookmark there i think that might be it. yep and then there are some stickers so we have a Facebook sticker Instagram a little love happy face google sticker window sticker apple sticker and uh and an android sticker so we kind of has them all so yeah cool all right here is the hub right here and let's get this out and oh look at that it's kind of got it has a cool panda design on the back of it there i don't think i've ever seen anything like that on one of these that's really pretty cool all right we can see here that we're going to get our three USB ports so we're going to have usb 3 and then we're going to have our HDMI port right there that's looking really really nice now on this side here we are going to have our two USB ports this one's going to be for PD that means you can plug in and get your charging going this one is USB or usbc.

so this one's going to allow you to transfer data which i am super excited about because a lot of these hubs when you get them they have a usbc port on there but it's only for charging so if you have a usbc device like a hard drive or a thumb drive or something like that flash drive or whatever you're not going to be able to transfer data using that and this one right here actually has the usbc port that you can use to transfer data now you're also going to get a sd card and micro sd card slot this is fantastic i mean this had this hub has pretty much everything that you're going to need.

now the other thing that has me super excited about this is right here and this is the ethernet port right there this is going to allow you to hook up directly to a router now this is a very big deal because for most of us nowadays if you're using a laptop many of the laptops they've tried to make them so thin that they just take a lot of the ports away one of the ports away that one of the ports they have taken away on almost all the laptops nowadays is an ethernet port so if you want to connect directly to your router and get the very fastest upload and download speeds you're going to need some sort of adapter to do it and this is going to allow us to actually get that done.

so I'm very excited about this all right I'm going to grab laptop right quick i'm going to plug this in and then just do a little test as far as making sure that usbc port works and make sure that i can that i can transfer some data back and forth and then I'm going to go ahead and do a test to see what kind of speeds i get over wifi and how the speeds actually improve using the ethernet port on this nine and one usbc hub all right so let's go ahead and hook this thing up i went ahead and grab a usbc hard drive. so i can see if its actually going to transfer over to my computer or not so let's go ahead and let's plug this in and we'll just plug that in right there now i have my harddrive here so let me grab let me plug this into the right here into the usbc port that going to be for data and now i'm going to go ahead and let me go ahead and check my let me check my desktop here and see if my hard drive is showing up and there it is right there it is showing up that is fantastic.

let me just grab a file right here and see if i can transfer this to my desktop boom just like that i can do the same thing i can grab another one and uh and transfer it to my desktop and just like that it takes a little bit of time we can see there it's gonna this one's a big file it's like four gigs so it's going to take about two minutes but it is transferring right over to my desktop and that is just absolutely fantastic so we know that the data works on the USB c port which is what i really wanted to see n

ow the last thing that can improve my download speeds because i usually use wi-fi but if i want to connect directly to an ethernet port using well directly to my router using the ethernet port is that going to give me the most optimal speeds that i can so let's go ahead and test the wi-fi speeds and then let's go see what we get when we plug into the hard-line okay so here we are on my laptop lets go ahead over

so we can do this speed test and here we have it let's go ahead and click go and we are on let me actually make sure i'm on my fastest wi-fi network which i am. let's go ahead and click on go and it's going to start rolling out there and we'll see what we get and we're getting pretty good speeds right now. it's pretty late so usually, the speeds are a little bit better when it's later but we're getting about 460 something there 470 480 for 500. we got 487 down and our upload speeds are not looking all that great right now for some reason but they are they do seem like they're picking up a little bit so um we'll see what we end up with but it looks like we're getting about 487 down and about 9 12 up so alright that is what we are working with 487 down 9 up let's go hook this up let's go hook up this hub

so there we go all right solet's go ahead and go to and here we are we have, open and ready to go let's go ahead and click it and see if we get better speeds and we're going to click go there andlet's see what we get and look at that we can see we're getting muchmuch faster speeds we went from487 up to 9 20. we're talking about near gigabit speeds right there that's pretty amazing that is really pretty amazing now we can see our upload speeds went from nine gigabits up to 27 28 30.

we're getting like three times the upload speeds on 33 now we're getting wow we're getting like three times the upload speeds maybe a little bit more than that about three and a half times the upload speeds and almost double the download speeds using the nine and one hub that is absolutely amazing i mean if you wanted to get this hub for anything just being able to hook up to the hardline and getting uh uploads and download speeds that fast makes it well well worth.

so i'm going to go ahead and take the memory card out of there and i'm going to go ahead andput this right in here now this is great because i don't have a separate adapter or anything I can just go ahead and plug this right into the hub and now i can plug the hub right into my iPad and i can take my hard drive and i can plug it into my hub as well so there we go we have i have my hub and i have and i have the memory card and my hard drive all hooked up to my iPad here now what i can do is just come over to the files section there and we'll see right here there's my hard drive and my sd card so i'm gonna go ahead and tap the sd card and i'm just gonna go in here and i'll go into the file structure I'm gonna find a couple of these files I'm just gonna grab say one two three four five and

they are playing look at that playback that smooth that's 4k footage just played back very very smoothly right from my hard drive through the hub playing on my iPad there or actually. it's saved directly onto my hard drive so but it's playing on my iPad its right here transferred through the hub and playing on my iPad.

this is a multi-port adapter 9 in 1 usbc hub and I have to admit i went a little bit overboard on time on this one because I was so excited about it i really want to show you how it worked and some of the exciting things you can do with it love the fact that i can get fast internet speeds i have gigabit speeds here at the house coming in i never get them over wifi i have never gotten 900 and something you know megabits over there and that's about the max that i can get even when the cable guy was here testing it out he was only getting 900 and something on his test even though they say gigabit 900 and something is about the max and i was actually getting it through the usbc hub with that ethernet port so i'm super excited i love the fact that i can transfer files directly from the memory card onto a hard drive using this and my iPad.