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The 9 in 1 USB-C Adapter... (Lemorele USB Adapter Review) @Aphid Tech 【#TC39】
01.25.2022 | Lemorele | Reviews by Customers


    how's it going guys today we're going to be reviewing this USB c adapter that includes an ethernet port HDMI more USB a and USB c this thing does a lot and also micro sd cards or normal sd cards can also charge your laptop while you guys are using it so if you guys only have one USB-C port, you guys can use this and still get several more USB ports. this works for your MacBook pro or dell or hp whatever laptop you guys have. that has usbc this will work on works on apple or windows if you guys didn't know usually adapters cost around 10 to 20dollars a piece and this one's doing like four or five different things all in one and it only cost you around 30, so if you guys want to check this out while I review it I have a link down below and just so you guys know if you guys have a USB-C laptop of any sort or just a desktop like me that uses USB-c, this thing will save you money because you're not having to buy four or five different adapters that all cost like twenty dollars you do the math. there thirty dollars will suit all your needs.

    let's unbox it, the box doesn't have any information. I really need to go over, let's take it out, all right so we get some goodies apparently. we have stickers for it, looks like 12 different countries and a free bookmark that's kind of cool. a lot of companies don't do like little touches, like that so. I appreciate it. then in the box where we get the actual device which isn't too big, it's about the size of my palm, so let's take a look at this usbc converter, alright so this is the device and on the side here you guys could see that we have some usbc and then some sd card slot, this side we have the ethernet port which is very helpful and this is capable of doing gigabit. we have some other ports over here. some more normal USB 3.0 ports and then HDMI port as well which is capable of playback of 4k, then on the front here we have a kind of cool design.

    we have a panda on the front it's like sketched in there, it's something you don't feel. I guess they like to carve it in there with a laser but it's kind of cool-looking, then on the back here we have the actual brand if you guys could see it. there we go then of course the usbc that you guys will be using to hook all this up into your laptop.

    now the cable here is really tough, it's a lot thicker than most cables so this should last. a good bit quality, the thing looks pretty solid, it feels solid and sounds solid, so personally, I'll be using this to convert sd cards. this is like a similar product and cost about half the price, but as you guys could see this is kind of like, if you own quality it's all plastic not very nice and this is metal and something I could plan on keeping for quite some time, so basically in my scenario, I don't have a laptop that requires this but I do have a USB-C right on the top of my desktop, so I'll be using that port to convert all my sd files from my GoPro. 

I think that is going to be pretty nice and probably something I keep in my laptop bag, just for whenever I'm traveling. a lot of laptops don't even have ethernet ports anymore so that in itself is a selling point and for thirty dollars you might as well get all the adapters in one if you guys haven't already I have a link down below if you guys want to check this out.