MacBook Pro Air M1 Hub, Lemorele 7 in 2 USB C Hub Adapter Dongle @MikeHealy 【#TC47】

  Hey, I would like to give you a quick review of this Lemorele USB-C hub. This is basically a type of dongle commonly found on MacBook Pros that have only two ports. This is loaded with hookups, so let me show you. I will take him out of here. The good thing is that it has two Firewire cable adapters here, so it fits snugly on this side. I'm using HDMI so that I can connect the projector here so that I can connect it. Here is a USB port that you often use on your Mac. This USB port may be used to charge phones and other devices, but it also has a Gigabit Ethernet port.

  Therefore, you can connect directly, and finally you can connect to SD card and TF card at the bottom. The great thing is that this replaces most of what you had, it gives you more versatility in the fact that you have multiple ports here, it's very lightweight, and it's It also looks really cool so I need to take it from time to time to snap in like a regular plugin is booming. I'm fine and don't do anything to my computer. i am ready. So if you're looking for something really good, it gives you the versatility you need to add those extra ports, and whatever, this is definitely what you're trying to get, You will definitely like it.