M2 ssd enclosure - Unboxing & Review - Faster external USB storage @TechviewPodcast 【#SD1】

portable data usually we use such things here USB sticks you can see this is a thumb drive with eight gigabytes a little bit of an older model as you can see here but the big disadvantage of such drives is that they are slow so if i want to cut this video using this thumb drive only as the storage medium but also as the medium where i cut my video it will be way too slow so i had to upgrade i used the Samsung SSD external SSD that you can use for

plugging in to a computer with a usbc cable and usb a dongle or you can plug it directly in via usbc to your tablet or your smartphone as well which is pretty handy but you can see the size difference here difference and you can get usb sticks with the same capacity as this one here but this one has a bigger larger size then you can get a little bit more compact ones like the sun disk SSD also external also 500 gigabytes just like this one you can see almost the same size but a little bit like more compact and easier to carry but what would be if i could just take this little almost like ram sticks that you get on your laptops as a memory just like this one here.

and put this into an enclosure have a wonderful small little enclosure then for this one easy to carry but also usually those internal ssds are a bit quicker they use newer technology and they offer for the bug more capacity so gladly a company that creates enclosures for such NVME m2 SSD exists and they sent me this one here it's the company Lemorele, this enclosure here for nvme m2 ssds so portable enclosure for those ones and this is what i want to try out right now unbox and review so let's get started so this is the packaging Lemorele,  the m2 nvme portable ssd enclosure.

let's take a look around the packaging because some of those companies are very good in creating good packages and this one i think is also good because it explains very easily how it works you can see you have the instruction on the package itself so no paper is wasted here so you can see the enclosure itself you can see it has probably used pc you can open it up you can put in the SSD use a screw to screw it on or two screws actually to screw it on and you get some more information here about the company itself.

of course like almost all electronics is made in China so let's open this up and this is the housing and there's some more stuff inside so let's put this away take a look at the more stuff, first of all, we get two cables so this is a USB a two USB c cable, so this is probably what you will use for your computer if you have a USB plug and then we have a usb c to usb c cable that can be used for attaching it to modern laptops that only come with USB-c or smartphones tablets and so on.

i don't have anything against one cable and a little adapter like i showed you like this one here could be like usb-c cable and an adapter wouldn't work for me as well but more cables hooray i can use it for other stuff as well which is good then we have of course the screws we got two pairs here that allow us to screw in an SSD and then we have some stickers here which is interesting good vibes. 

you have a nice little bookmark here as well and you don't forget that it's coming from Lemorele, here well interesting would say so nice gimmicks that i putthis in as well let's take a look at the enclosure let's get rid of this plastic looks smallish more compact maybe than the sun disk that i showed you but it's a bit longer as you can see also longer than the Samsung. so it might fit more easily into your pocket maybe then those who are like a bit bigger but it's a bit longer because of course the ssds are a bit longer so they can not perform magic here let's take a look around the device so we have a lock mechanism here where we can lock it and unlock it when we unlock it then we can you can see already

it is going out here pull this out and get to our compartment where we can put in the m2s, the nvme m2 SSD you can see that this is like metal aluminium i would say this is made of plastic and it's like a little board inside here and you just put it in like this do we put it in like this yeah and you close it and then if you are here you can just close it up here so it will not open up very cool design concept i would say it's better than those flimsy doors that you open up because here you have metal and it is like very um or aluminum inthis case it's very solid built and even if yeah if you throw it on the ground or something like this probably will not break anything like this and you don't have some doors flappy doors or something like this that will fall off it's very highly secured then we can see here the USB type-c connector so we can just plug in a cable to do this stuff yeah this is basically everything

there's a little bit of like an led i think here might be also reset button i'm not sure have to open it up to see it's also cool that you can open up and see the board itself isn't it cool how many companies allow you to open up the device and see the board that they're using here and yeah i think this opening is for an uh led somewhere that is like shining here probably that shows the progress or if something is working uh on this or not so yeah this is the board the more interesting parts are down here as the chips and so on and probably you can like unscrew it and put a new board in or something like this which is pretty awesome and we have some writing here as well as you can see uh and you know it doesn't tell me anything here i have to say but it's cool to see that and what we want to do now, of course, get the ssd and phone nvme SSD and get it out of the package here quickly this is a Samsung Evo plus 970 evo plus and ssd so one terabyte one very big one uh bigger than my 500 gigabytes external ssds

so the only thing i have to do is just plug it in here you can see this will align there's a little uh hope there's a little hole here and this just should align to this little hole here and then we just plug it in like so it fits in nicely the only thing i have to do is like press it down and then use the screws that i have somewhere put put in away there we are the screws here to screw it really in and i need a screwdriver for this I think this is one thing that they could have included maybe like even if it's just a plastic one a little screwdriver at least you have two of those may be because you can not only get this full-sized nvme two ssds but also the smaller ones the half-sized ones and then you have to attach it to another of those holes you can see they have various different holes for the various different sizes of m2 ssds that you can get.