Lemorele USB C Hub Unboxing @Hayden's Awesome Amazon Reviews 【#TC44】

    this is Lemorele, I don't know if that's how that's pronounced but it's the hub right here now. if you have a newer MacBook or I guess just newer computers, in general, i specifically have a MacBook if you have a newer computer in general you're probably going to need one of these usbc hubs which i thought at first was a little unfortunate but really not too bad that's actually kind of fun, comes with some nice little stickers right there which is a nice little fun touch and. so right here i was curious to see how this compared to some other ones because I've used a bunch of other ones and I'm pretty excited about some of the stuff that i saw about this now. one thing i really like is this is a really nice long cord in comparison to some other ones that I've used.

    let's just pull out another one, for example, see what we've got here so here is another one. for example and you've got basically twice the cord so depending on what your uses are for something like this could be really really nice to have so you're able to plug that in your computer and have a little extra room which i really like i didn't actually.

    even know that out of the box or before unboxing it and so I'm really excited to see that another thing that i really like is some of these don't have the additional power ports and so like my MacBook charges through a usbc and so to be able to plug this in if i had something else plugged into that other port i can't charge my computer anymore and so to be able to have a charging port right hereon the hub is fantastic and it does have that and then, in addition, it has another usbc so i love that it's just really giving you a lot of options there, plus we have an HDMI port, it's a 4k port and then we have two USB 3.0s right there, those are the USB-A ports right there, really nice. i like that and then finally we have right here on the end aether an ethernet unplug-in right there which i think is just fantastic.

overall this is really pretty nice like i'm really excited about this it feels really nice and is sturdily built looks like the end right here is plastic but the rest of it is a nice solid, i don't know exactly what that is but a nice solid metal of some sort right there maybe, i don't know I'm not going to take a guess, i have no clue but it is metal on the outside which is really really nice feels like something that definitely could travel well and last a long time. so overall i'm really excited about this and hope that gives you guys just a little bit of a touch of what this is what it does and why it may or may not be right for you.