Lemorele USB C Hub Review @BenObiTech 【#TC24】

usbc hubs you've probably seen them before you're probably in the market for one which is why you've clicked on this video and there are a lot of options out there there are a lot of good ones a lot of bad ones and today i have one from a company called Lemorele, from the design this has a mix of aluminum and plastic this has five different ports it has an ethernet port which supports up to one gigabyte of data transfer,

so if you're one of those out there who's fortunate enough to have gigabit internet this is your hub this also has two usb a 3.0 ports which means you can connect your hard drives ssds all the that good stuff it also has an HDMI port that supports up to 4k output but also has another usbc port which a lot of hubs surprisingly don thave you can use all of these ports simultaneously so you don't have to worry about oh i have plugged one thing in the usb a port now i can't use anything else no you could plug everything in so if you have an iPad Pro and iPad Air or even the new iPad mini you should be covered with this now there is a list of different devices that work with this hub.

so i recommend you guys check it out before you buy this for your Huawei mate 20x or whatever and the price of this hub is pretty affordable as well it's not like one of those 50 or 60 pound or dollar usbc hubs this is pretty simple yes the build quality i must say isn't the best but other than that it's a pretty decent USB-c hub if you're interested in picking up this usbc hub.