Lemorele USB-C Hub For iPad Pro Desktop by @mankindsend【#TC23】

greetings internet today we're taking a look at the six in one usbc hub multi-port adapter by Lemorele

this adapter has three USB 3 ports it has an HDMI port, as well as a tf sd dual card slot. i got this adapter on amazon they had a five-dollar coupon which made it a little cheaper than the competing brands so i decided to order it just to try it out and see what it's all about they seem to be a newer company that I haven't heard of before opening it up then we got the adapter itself and this nice little plastic box opening it up it's in a little bag this is the gray version it was a few bucks more but i like gray and then the USB-C adapter.

here discovered by a little plastic thing all right so i guess it's got everything that they said it did on the box three USB, an sd card reader, tf card reader, and HDMI. so i have my iPad here to try it out. let's give it a go i have this cable connected to my monitor plug that in let's plug this into the iPad there we go let's see if it shows up come on face unlock here we go and the monitor blinked. it's showing up on the monitor check it out.

so let's try out a few other things i have my trusty mouse the l budget mouse let's plug that in see if the USB works. if my mouse yeah so you can see the cursor here that's uh moving around let's see if I can click on something pretty fancy so i have one other thing i wanted to try out that is my black widow razer gaming keyboard so i have no idea if this will work but let's plug it in and see what happens it's gonna be amazing. so i got the keyboard it takes up two USB ports so that's plugged in here i got the mouse there's an audio cable but i guess I can't plug that in and then the HDMI port all of this is uh powering my iPad so you can see the iPad here's my mouse

so let's go ahead and open something up the notepad and try to type on the keyboard it's hard to get in there let's see it all right hello world this is awesome check it out guys you got a whole gaming keyboard a budget gaming mouse monitor all plugged into this pretty cool lemon roller uh adapter so let's not stop there i also have a micro sd card so let's plug it in and see if my iPad will recognize. so let me get into the file manager here and here it is no name there's my sd card i have a few it's actually a dump of my android phone so i've got a few books on here I've got some pictures actually no pictures are empty it's got some podcasts no that empty too okay but there's the sd card then here's on my notepad i can type on my gaming keyboard got a mouse that lets me click around said say like this is pretty much like a complete docking station or docking solution