Lemorele USB C Hub 4K 60Hz, 6 in 1 USB C Multiport Adapter @JC Review 【#TC44】

    so today i got a new 6 in 1 usbc hub or dongle whatever you want to call it this one is a type c and i do use these for my MacBook all the time. this will work for your mac your pc or even android. I'm not sure if it would work on an iPhone it might if you have a type c to lightning adapter i do not own one of those to actually give that a try so but you know this does have the rj45. here ethernet it's got a usbc in there, a USB3.0, an HDMI and it looks like PowerDirector now with my MacBook i have MagSafe so i don't have a type c to actually input for this so i won't be able to do like the actual power part of it, but i will be able to test like a monitor, keyboard, hard drive, different things like that all right so first off the one thing that i do like is that the cord is a bit more flexible because the other one i have the cord is a lot stiffer and it just like it moves around a lot so i like that a little better I'm not sure it is a slimmer profile but they had to do that little bump there for the ethernet you see the two USBs for the type a 3.0, you got your HDMI 4k at 60 hertz, your power direct, i will at least see how that charges and then we have another type c, therefore, data so yeah let's go ahead and get that plugged in all right HDMI is kicking in let's go ahead and test that ethernet all right so this is gigabit. i know that that's good because i know some of them are only the 100 megabits and that's just not enough but this one is the gigabit because it does see my fiber speed so we're good there and as you can see when i connected the HDMI we automatically got a monitor going and that should be extended perfect so that we can just throw stuff over there so we know that the HDMI is working just fine, go ahead and plug in one of my hard drives all right it sees the drive just fine. i can open that up see everything there all right so our mouse is working just fine we've got a cursor keyboard is working just fine.

i didn't really expect any issues with this hub it works just fine works fine for the monitor the accessory or peripherals such as a mouse a keyboard works just fine for the hard drive. it works everything the ethernet works just fine i get the full speeds with that so that's great overall if you're looking for a pretty simple hub this one does a pretty decent job.