Lemorele - Excellent value for money! 【#TC15】

As soon as I arrived I immediately attached it to my Mi Book Pro 15.6 ''. The usb-c port which supports charging up to 100w works perfectly. Through the usb-A ports I can charge the phone but not the iPad. I also connected the ethernet port and it works perfectly at 1 Gbit (even if I don't have such a fast internet connection I can still use it to access the local nas, it was one of the reasons why I was interested in purchasing this product.

After a day of work and study on the computer the dongle turns out to have a temperature of 33 ° C (see photos, sorry for the mess of wires that you see but this is not useful ??). All in all a more than normal temperature I would say. way to test the HDMI port, but I intend to use it when I buy a second monitor to connect (I will update the review when I try it).