Lemorele 9-in-1 USB-C Hub with USB, HDMI, SD Card, [email protected]【#TC39】

    Welcome to this video I'm going to be taking a look at this Lemorele nine in one USB-C hub multiport adapter so this was provided to me by the distributor but they're not compensating me for this video and they're not reading it before I post it if you find this video helpful and you want to purchase one of these I'll put a link to it in the description on Amazon and if you use that link it helps me out a little bit and doesn't cost you anything extra so here we have a diagram on the back it says HDMI USB data times three RJ45 SD TF usb-c and PD let's get this opened up okay so we have a bookmark here we have some stickers and here are the hub looks like it has a panda graphic on the backside that's pretty cool so let's go over everything this has this connects to your computer using a USB type-c plug and then on the hub we have a PD port that is for power delivery

    so if you were to plug this into a computer that is powered by usb-c like a MacBook or Chromebook you can plug your power adapter in here and it will pass power through the hub into your computer so that's a nice feature because of that you can use it this as sort of a dock you can plug all of your accessories in here and plug this into your computer and then when you're on the go you can unplug this and then take your computer with you and then when you get back to your office plug this in and it will mount everything back up so this has USB type-c data here now this is limited to480 megabits per second or USB 2.0 speeds it has an sd and a micro sd card slot now it says on the description that you can't use those at the same time so you can only use one at a time we have an ethernet port on the end and here we have three USB type a ports and we have an HDMI port this does support 4k but it's 4k 30fps so that's something to keep in mind that would probably work great for doing presentations or maybe you're throwing a movie up on a movie projector but it might not be ideal if you want to do like 4k gaming or something but I don't think this is marketed towards that now this will support 1080p at 60fps though so I'm going to hook this up to my computer and I'll test out some of these ports so I'll be hooking this up to my mac mini with m1 processor so this is actually hardware-wise very similar to the MacBook Pro and the MacBook air with m1processor so this computer does have ports on it unlike some of the laptops but it does have sd card slots and it is limited on the number of posts you have so if you have more things to plug into one of these you can use this with the mac mini

    but I think most people buying these will probably have a laptop okay so I have all this hooked up right now and right off the bat I had a situation where I needed this because I have a microphone I plugged into here and I needed to plug in my keyboard and mouse so I don't have any networking on here I'll plug in an ethernet cable now there is ethernet on here but I'm going to test it anyway obviously because people with laptops may not have ethernet so I'll plug that in if I go to my networking control panel you'll see we have this USB 10 100 1000 LAN so we have an IP address we're all set up let me open up a speed test

    so this is a speed test running on a server on my network so we'll test the LAN speed I'll hit start here okay so we're hitting near gigabit speed now this is a gigabit ethernet adapter but rarely will you see exactly 1000you're gonna see something real close even if I use the internal adapter I would get similar results and this server could also have other things running on it which can vary the speed but you'll see where we're getting more or less gigabit-speed out of it so that's good

    so we inserted that label side I'll run that test so here we got around 26 megabytes per second right and 32 megabytes per second read so the next thing I'll hook up here is a monitor a second monitor I'll plug that in on the HDMI port over here so here we have dual displays now I may not have this configured correctly you'll need to go into your settings soi can span between the two properly because right now it's probably yeah it's on the left side so I'll just need to rearrange these but you can see I have two monitors hooked up to this computer and the Mac mini and the MacBook pro with m1 processor and the MacBook air with m1 processor only support one extra display

    so on the laptops, you have the display that comes with it and an external and with the mac mini you can do two displays so those are a couple of tests on the interfaces you're going to get gigabit speeds out of the ethernet here you have USB 2.0speeds out of the USB ports so that would work great for keyboard mouse you can use a webcam on here easily poke a printer into it that's no problem you can read and write flash drives here you're not going to get as high speed as if you use a native USB 3.0 port so in my situation where I can plug that directly into the computer but if you're on a laptop you may not have a USB 3.0port but if you do have one on the computer you might want to use it if you need to read and write a lot but it does work

    it's just a little bit slower so if you're just making word documents off of where it's going to be plenty fast if you're loading and unloading large movies or something that'll be a little bit slower you'll need to allow for more time there and this also works with the micro and regular sd cards so if this was plugged into a laptop right now I could have my power coming into here and could have it plugged into the laptop it would supply power to the laptop and connect all my accessories one thing to consider is that if you have drives mounted like I have this drive where you'll want to disconnect your drive on your computer eject it before you unplug this and you want to eject every drive if you have sd cards and things like that and then when you come back you can plug this in it will mount everything back up you just need to eject it just as you would if this was in the computer itself so that's the Lemorele 9 USB-C hub multiport adapter.