Lemorele 9 in 1 USB-C Hub Review @Brandon Geekabit 【#TC39】

    what's going on guys today I want to do a quick product review on this cool little USB-C hub this hub has got over nine inputs on this little device so you can see on one end it's got a USB-C cable and on the hub itself it's got over nine inputs so the first one here is USB-C we can charge it through this plug here we also have USB-C data we have sd card reader mini sd card reader gigabit ethernet right here we've got one two three USB 3.0 ports, as well as HDMI output, let's go ahead check this device out so it's simple and easy to use we simply just plug it into our computer and what I'm going to do here is I'm going to go ahead and plug-in chargers I've gone ahead plugged in a charger you can see our laptop is immediately charging I'm going to also plug in an SD card I mean uh sorry a flash drive you can see the flash drive has been recognized we can also plug in a USB-C flash drive you can see that's popping up right there

    let's go ahead and load in an sd card as well and you can see the sd card is now showing up as well we've also got two more free USB ports as well as micro-sd our gigabit ethernet and HDMI output so this is a really sweet device guys it's really simple and easy to use if you're interested I do have a 10 off coupon down below in the video description so go ahead and check that out let's go ahead and plug this into the tv real quick so here as you guys can see I have it hooked up to the HDMI and this is displaying in 4k on an 86 inch tv and it's crystal clear just look at how good that looks it also carries the audio so as you can see the HDMI supports both video and audio as well as the charging on the hub as well as the sd cards or the USB c ports.