LEMORELE 9-in-1 USB C Hub - Review @AdrianCodau 【#TC39】

whether you're working from home from the office or on the go there are certain gadgets that make your life easier and today i have one that opens your possibilities and will certainly help you the model has nine in one USB-C hub and today I'm going to share my thoughts with you after using it for two weeks was planning to get a USB-c hub to expand the number of ports i have on my laptop and PC locally, Lemorele were nice to send me one to test out and let me just say this USB hub has made it to the must-have gadgets list let's have a look.

at it the packaging is minimal as it should be with this type of products on the front there's the actual dock station and on the back we have some specs and social media details where you can follow the model on social media inside the box there's the actual hub and one thing that shocked me from the very beginning was the quality of the materials used to make it, it comes in this nice metallic case that looks like aluminum and it has this gunmetal colored finish on the top side there's the branding and the slightly raised ethernet port bump on the bottom side there's a sketch with a panda laying in a tree which seems to be intriguing i would like to know the story behind this design if you know it shares it with everyone down in the comments the usbc cable comes with a thick rubber coating and an extra layer for other protection at the joints what it connects with the USB outlet and the actual hub now.

let's have a look at the actual ports that we have there are two USB type-c, one for regular file transfer and another with 100 watts power-delivery this is a major deal and it is a must-have with these hubs simply because if you only have one usb c, that doubles up as a charging port for your laptop when you plug in this docking station you still need to charge your laptop and with this 100-watt power-delivery port you can charge your device and make use of the extra ports we also have two slots for memory cards one is micro sd while the other is the standard-size.

i find myself using the sd card slot frequently for transferring clips from the camera to my pc or laptop this way i can keep my memory cards free I'm ready to record on this is really helpful for me because my pc doesn't have an sd card slot and without the hub, i would have to plug the camera in and wait for the files to be copied on which leaves me with no camera until it finishes copying everything across on the other side of the hub we have three usb a ports that are capable of fast transfers as it has usb 3.0

i'm glad they've included this many ports simply because i can charge my phone transfer some files from a USB stick and have room for the USB dongle for my on-the-go keyboard and mouse if you need to connect your device to tv or an external monitor you can definitely do so using the 4k capable HDMI port this is a must-have if your laptop doesn't have an HDMI port and your work requires you to use a larger monitor lastly one port that is slowly being removed from many devices is the ethernet port the port that we have here is capable of speeds up to one gigabit which means that you can basically make use of the best internet speed available that if your supplier provides it this USB c dock seems to be for those professionals that find themselves working from many devices and travel for work often to have more options is key to your efficiency and that's exactly what this cadger does it expands your possibilities.