Lemorele 9 in 1 USB C Hub Multiport Adapter w/Gigabit Ethernet @911Studios 【#TC39】

    hey folks adam here elite demonstrations you've seen me do a video for this little petite laptop and I love you know I'm a big fan but I ran into a real issue here the fact that all it has is these little usb-c outlets what if I want to put an ethernet what if I want to put HDMI what if I want to put other devices connected to this USB etc that limits it well, fortunately, I picked this up it is a nine in one adapter

it's a 9in1 USB-C hub multi-port adapter and it is stunning just plug it in and now I have three USB ports I have an HDMI port I have my ethernet cable everything that I could need all rip-roaring and ready to go so let me show you that up close and also don't forget it has this cool etched panda on it that I think is adorable so let's go ahead and kick it off right about now all right folks so it does come in really handy let's say I have my oculus right well there's no usb-c to charge my oculus on this device but by using the adapter I can go ahead find a spot and now I'm charging my oculus immediately also if I want to go ahead I can charge my iPhone now I'm using my iPhone to record this video

but it's nice to know that you plug it, you got your iPhone charged so many different things here you got ethernet you want to have been connected to the internet right there good to goal so the HDMI port you have three USBs and HDMI soum if I want to mirror what's on the screen on my tv I can do that at a touch of a button so yeah folks you can see it's just that easy plugged the HDMI port into the back of my tv plugged it into my laptop.

and now I a mirroring and you can do side by side a bunch of different things but in this case, I'm mirroring exactly what's on-screen so stick around we're going to show you the up-close but this little guy right here is just a workhorse you also have two USB-C sand two like the mini card and the normal card so you can do all sorts of stuff plug it all in and this device doesn't have the card reader it doesn't have the HDMI port it doesn't have a USB port and it doesn't have multiple usbc. all right folks go ahead and pick yours up this is going to be fantastically right folks here's the up-close portion of the video a lot of people like to see what they're getting Lemorele nine in one USB-C hub multiport adapter so this goes into your usb-c and it's gonna be pretty fantastic see a straightforward device comes right out here.

you have an ethernet port on it that's going to be easy the usbc as well right there which is usbc is nice because it's reversible you don't have to worry about which way you put it in you've got your three usbs looks like it is data it says and an HDMI 4kport as well so lots of stuff going right there let's see what it says on it from the pretty straightforward right so I'm looking forward to testing this out we only have products that we own we love we think we're going you're going to love that's pretty cool that it's got this etched panda on it right that is good looking all right folks if you're looking for a great adapter port for your usbc this one's going to do the job all right.