Lemorele 8 in 1 USB C Hub review @Ricky's TechTalk 【#TC38】


    I want to share a product from Lemorele, this is their new USB-C hub which I cant wait to pair with my mac mini and new MacBook pro but let's begin with a good old-fashioned unboxing on the front of the box it just shows your Lemorele USB-C hub it's an 8 in 1 USB-C hub multiple adapters turning around to the back again, it just mentions what it is sharing what some of the ports are and it has their social media links and support email if you do need to get in touch if you do have any questions though leave a comment below but let's see what we get in the box so what you need to do is just turn it around and at the top, there's a little tab that you just need to pull out and you'll have some packaging inside here.

   so we have a little bit of paperwork and this could be used as a bookmark if you want to so that's a nice little effect there but that everything you get in the packaging so let's just take this out and then actually connect it up so taking a closer look at our Lemorele product where it is in space grey aluminum you've got a short USB-C cable so that USB-C cable is handy as it is reversible it has certain power through as well, 100-watt power through option I like that option you've got your USB-A, you've got a micro sd card you've got a couple of usbc's and then like I said you've got your USB-C cable and you've got HDMI at the end as well so the benefits of a USB c is it's reversible it'll fit in either way it's short which means if you do have to this with your MacBook.

    you haven't got a long cable trailing you may have a few cables trailing out which I'll show you a bit later on so let's discuss our HDMI, as you know can expand your display or you can mirror a display and it can be used so this is a HDMI port that supports 4k under 1080p full HD depending on your device. you're using a full-resolution video display which I think is important and especially if you need to extend your display as I show with my MacBook Pro and also then with the mac mini plugging into an external display if I wanted to I could use the two ports now available one on here and one on the mac mini to extend my displays, even more, this can be used with an HD tv monitor or projector movie on let's take a closer look at other ports, first of all, you've got your micro sd and sd card slots this can be used for a range of different products that come from your camera that could come from the Nintendo Switch that you could use with your iPad and you can use with other options to share your images or content on.

    so connecting either an iPad to charge or transfer data or as you can see using my Samsung SSD we can connect that in and you can use that then to transfer files if you want to this will work with mac os it works with windows ios android Linux any operating system and requires no driver plug-in and play which makes it easy and simple to use and that's one thing I like about it I've talked about the ports lets just share a bit of my personal use and it's been helpful actually as a content creator we are always looking at different ways of getting our media onto our main device for them bringing content together to show you like this videO, so this is where it comes in handy so as you can see it's charging my AirPods for me that's good I like to use them when filming or when listening to music it's charging my Samsung galaxy z flip for me as well that was the phone I was using at the time it can be used to charge my iPad if wanted to with a hundred power watts delivery system.

    it can even charge the MacBook if I wanted to which is helpful it charges my apple watch it also charged the Samsung galaxy watch 4as well which I was testing I've only got two wrists so I need two watches but hey ho we've got a watch for each wrist as you can see we've got the sd card which can come from a camera, so for any videographers or any photographers out there that want to take their content immediately from their camera to the MacBook Pro or the Mac mini that don't have a port on them some of them do now which is good to see but some don't so you can take that sd card plug it in straight away you'll see your images crisp clean and then you can edit them and away they go so I like that option if you want a larger display.

    you can connect an HDMI cable and you get up to full HD resolution as you see connect it up to my monitor and sometimes I have multiple monitors and have multiple HDMI ports that help as well the USB-C hub side was okay so you did only have USB 3 ports but that's okay that's fine I can live with that the USB ports are the main thing having that 100-watt power delivery option and then your data ports are helpful that makes easy transfers because I archive all of my videos I create so it's nice to put them in folders and some of them are quite large the styling design is nice as well.

    it's quite elegant it looks smart it'll fit next to my MacBook pro very nicely in the space great aluminum feel it feels professional it feels good quality the USB C cable is held up well with twisting folding putting in different angles been in and out of my bag is on the go been at home connected to the Mac mini said connected to the MacBook upstairs downstairs and it's just survived which is good I like a product that survives. I will be more than happy to help where possible currently at the time of filming this is available on Amazon UK for 32.99 I will leave a link in the video description.