Lemorele 6 in 1 USB C Hub - Unboxing by @IRE【#TC23】

hello everyone i'll be reviewing this usbc hub multiple adapter by a brand called Lemorele this is affordable and it has good functions as well nowhere you can see you got three USB ports one micro sd port and one sd port it also takes an HDMI port here as well and this is the USB cable here which is very flexible as well it has a good build quality as well so it connects to android smartphones it also connects to Imax as well so you can connect this to a few devices now it does have a few great features packed into this one of the great features that it has the mirror mode so you can extend mode plus these three ports here are USB 3.0

so it's 10 times faster than a USB 2.0 in data transfer so if you're transferring something from this USB multi-port from one USB to a smartphone or a tablet etc it will transfer 10 times faster than a USB 2.0, so we've got faster USB ports here and up to 104/mbps and for sd and TF cards here 5 Gbps for OTG. so it's a brilliant quality usbc hub multiple adapter that works perfectly connects easily as well so you can see that this bit connects here and this bit all you have to do is just attach it now you got the options here as well for the HDMI port it's very very easy to transfer data over very easily and you can put not only one USB port but two more extra ones an sd card and a micro sd one so if you want to transfer data over that way it has faster USB 3.0 ports that makes it faster to transfer data over brilliant USB multiple adapter highly recommended.