Lemorele 6 in 1 USB C Hub Review @PedderTech 【#TC23】

year after year tablets have been marketed more and more towards replacing the laptop that's a video I've done in the past as well however the iPad pro is a legitimate laptop replacement and since then a lot has changed the software's become more optimized than both android and ios tablets and the accessories that you can get with it such as the smart keyboards have become a lot better too a lot more robust and a lot more usable in different scenarios.

but the one area where tablets fall short of being on genuine laptop replacements ports there are a few tablets out there that come with more than just the one standard usbc port and i think in order to be an actual laptop replacement you do need more than one, unfortunately, that means entering dongle life so you've got to find yourself a good one now this is one that i've been sent this is the forgive me if i'm gonna say his name Lemorele, it's a nice little dongle short wire usb type-c.

so it's good for ipad its good for android tablets as well it's got six ports three standard size USB 3.0, two card slots tf and sd, i hate HDMI basic standard yeah incredibly useful I like the fact the wires are short flexible, i also like the fact that it's robust it doesn't creak crease so I'm pretty confident just chucking this in my bag I don't go to work it's a nice solid build there's no flex or give to it feels pretty durable I've only been using 12 weeks so it may not be enjoyable i'll let you know on Instagram and Twitter if you don't have any issues with it all in all it's pretty good sturdy reliable lightweight small pocketable the one thing that i would have liked to receive on it would be USB type c for password recharging because when you've got this plugged in and maybe USB dongle memory card.