Lemorele 6 in 1 USB C Hub Overview! @imtinet 【#TC23】


hi guys welcome back to my channel it's been a while I've not made a video in about six months i think probably maybe even longer but Lemorele, this brand here they sent me this usb c hub multi-port adapter they call it so I thought i would check it out and make a video about it so it claims to be six in one it's got three USB 3 ports like usb-a, it has a sd card slot a micro-sd card slot and a HDMI port and it obviously connects over usbc it doesn't have any charging on it nothing like that it's quite simple it's 23.99 on amazon something like that.

so we'll have a look at it and see if it's worth it i guess in 2021 you have to wonder does anyone even need dongles anymore because you've seen with apple's most recent laptop announcements that they've brought back HDMI and sd cards which that's basically most of what this thing does so is it really worth it in this day and age i don't know i i've got an iPad Pro that has one usb c port only i got a MacBook air that has only two USB ports.

so probably is going to be a market for a while and i guess we'll see whether other manufacturers follow suit of apple and bring back some of the ports but for now we'll have a look to see if this is of any use and yeah I will try and get it open i can't be bothered to go find my life okay here we go there is some documentation in here but I can't imagine you're going to need much info on this there's a bookmark that says i am your bookmark it's handy I guess if you read a lot of books um but yeah here it is this is the hub.

it's again like I said there's not much to it the cable is quite short but yeah you can see it's usbc on this end and then you've got your three USB a ports, sd card slot micro sd and HDMI um i like the color it matches my MacBook nicely so here is my MacBook air here is the hub you can see they match very nicely so i'm going to plug it in and we'll test out a few things and see if it's good okay so here we have my MacBook air and the dongle um so I'm just gonna plug that in first so that's nice.

so we will try HDMI first okay so i've connected an HDMI cable to the dongle and I'm just going to plug it into the MacBook air now so we'll see if it works okay so it's plugged in you can see it's refreshing and now this monitor here is now connected to my MacBook air so that working fine that's good.

so now we'll try a few USB devices we'll pull out an sd card first okay so the sd card has come up and i have access to my stuff so i'm just gonna try a quick transfer see how long that takes, i don't actually know what speed the sd card slot is because again there's no specs listed product but it's saying about 10 minutes for 18 gig of photos so I'm just gonna cancel that but it's good to know okay so not having much luck with MicroSD cards but i'm inclined to believe that that's a problem with my cards because the normal sd card reader is working fine.

so pretty much everything is coming up we've got the display working fine we've got all three memory sticks and my micro sd and we've got all three memory sticks and the sd card coming up so yeah i mean everything's working as expected which is not surprise dongles are quite a mature business now so you know they should be working at this point but yeah it's good to see that everything work thumbs up from meum

so yeah you can see from the video that it does work as intended um it's a little bit pricey at 23.99 for what it does saying six in one as well i think that's a bit of a misnomer but because two other things are just different size sd cards so i'm not really sure you can call that six in one i would more put itas a five in one i like that it has three usb 3 ports not many of these hubs have that and actually the usb a ports are probably what makes this product now because that's the one thing the new MacBook pros still don't have is any old USB ports

so if you're someone who relies on that kind of device this is still going to be an invaluable tool but yeah as i'm saying at the start of the video don goes into 81 still pretty useful 2022 we'll have to wait and see because i will as we all know when apple does something the rest of the industry tends to follow so people probably slowly start bringing backports now which will be funny to see but for now yeah this is a pretty good product and thanks to Lmorele for ending it out to me they are supposed to give me a discount code for my subscribers which i will leave in the description.

i didn't take any money for this review they just sent me the product but yeah it's definitely gonna come in handy uh it does work with the iPad pro as well as my MacBook basically any usbc device it can be pretty handy and I'll probably keep this as part of my travel bag because it's nice and compact and it can come in handy in a pinch.