Lemorele 5 in 1 USB C Multiport Adapter Unboxing and Demo @Will's Gadgets and More 【#TC24】

    Taking a look at a 5n1usb c hub multiport adapter so this was sent out to me by a company called Lemorele, you can pick this up on amazon.com. i will drop the link in the description if you guys want to pick up some of the features and details, this has high speed and stable ethernet wired internet connection for greater speed and stability up to one gigabyte per second on your ethernet, this also features super speed USB 3.0data transfer up to 5 gigabytes per second saving more data transfer time10 times faster than USB 2.0uh you're going to have 4k at 30hz UltraHD streaming stunning detail transfer media in seconds with 3deffect. you're going to have 100-watt PD charging pass-through charging for your devices and those are a few of the features and details.

let's go ahead and take a look at the box so here's the box as you guys see as a nice picture of the device there then you're going to have some more of those specs there as you guys see you're going to have a USB c port you got a HDMI port you got two USB 3.0ports and then you got your ethernet port as well so let's go ahead and get into this box and check this out, so this is my first time working with this company this seems like it's going to be a great add-on here and let's take a look.

here's the hubs, you're going to have your branding on there this feels like some type of aluminum you got plastic going around here type-c in right here and here's kind of short cable coming from it and then you're gonna have your two USB ports there your HDMI and then type-c port and here's your ethernet port right here so this is going to be great so let's go-ahead hook this up to a few devices and check it out.

so we're back in I have the Microsoft surface go 3 here, I've taken the keyboard off laid it over to the side, so let's go ahead and take the hub and plug it in and try out a few things here. so i have the hub hook plugged in now we're going to go ahead and take one of my little up thumb drives here and plug it in as you guys see it did come up let's go ahead and open this up and see if we can see the files on it as you guys see files are there let's go ahead and open up something.

it finally came up continue while scanning I know it's safe so this one has some videos on here, let's just pick a video and make sure to play and this was from away back when we took my grandson. this was actually filmed with the old blackberry phone i had back then and i still have that footage so as you guys see it is reading that card as well go ahead and stop this and get out of here all right so, it is reading both of those and let's go ahead and try out the HDMI, i'm gonna go ahead and plug in my monitor there and as you guys see briefly does that and now my monitor is plugged in as you guys see mirroring, the tablet down below so that is working and then next we'll go ahead and try to pass through charging here.

so it is plugged in let's see if it's charging and as you guys may or may not be able to see it is charging it right here it does have the little charging indicator light there, everything is working the only thing I cannot try out is the ethernet i don thave that but as you guys see everything's working. let me go ahead and try one more thing reason i want to try a mouse on this as well so let me get that set up all right guys so we're back in i have my Logitech mouse here I'm going to go ahead and plugin the little hub for the mouse in just like that.

let me bring the mouse pointer down as you guys see here it is, i can go down and i can open up a browser if i want to here's the chrome browser yeah i see how fast that is working on the Microsoft surface go 3. this is the base model as well, but i can go up here and i can drag this back down from the top now this is from this thumb drive that I have plugged in and i can go back to that same video and play it down here so this little hub is working great man uh no issues with this at all right. so one more thing to try here i have an mp4 file here that's not quite a gigabyte I want to take it from my transferred from my thumb drive to my desktop and here's the here's the video it's just me this is along time ago.

i got the apple phone and the blackberry phone there doing a little comparison like i said it's an mp4 file it's not quite a gigabyte i'm going to drag it from my thumb drive to my desktop and let's see how fast that uh can get that done as you guys see the progress bar there it's moving along and we'll just see how long this takes and after this is done we're going to go ahead and finish off the video but this is just a little bit of a to let you guys see how fast the transfer speeds going from the thumb drive to the desktop right there almost done.