Lemorele 5 In 1 USB C Hub Review | Best USB C Hub For MacBook! @TechSynth 【#TC22】


i'm reviewing an insane usbc hub that's kindly been sent over by Lemorele links to this product will be in the description and i urge you to check it out you'll see why in a minute also please note that all opinions in this video are my own and I haven't beenpaid to say anything also I've managed to supply you a lot of the discount code but more information on that, at the end of the video so to kick off this video we're going to be talking about design now to say I'm impressed would be an understatement it's cleaner than harry kane's tackle the other day.

now honestly it's thin light and has a nice feel to it, however, out of the box it comes with a protector which is already on the end of the USB type-c cable I think this is a really nice touch and gives a premium edge it really shows the caring attitude that Lemorele portrays towards its customers as they are going the extra mile to ensure the product doesn't arrive damaged

i guess it's fadeproof now so with regards to build quality this is yet another thing to be impressed by its surprisingly strong and as you can see I'm applying quite heavy pressure and there's absolutely no flexing at all this means that the hub can easily handle being thrown in a bag and carried around. honestly, i could probably drive a car over it and it still wouldn't flex, it gives me Nokia vibes i can't lie just the structural sound that's not a bulky old fashion car but you get the idea the cable has a nice jacket, i think that what it's got this bit I can't believe I had to google that unless you had to google anatomy of a wire what has my life gun do, anyway the jacket is a really nice rubbery material which you can just tell last like you can bend it in any direction and not worry that the joint will start to degrade quality in terms of interfaces this is a five in one hub.

so it comes with a bunch, so it comes with a USB type-C port which is more than meets the eye, this USB type c port supports 100-watt power delivery isn't that just amazing I've tried this on both laptops and phones and it works effortlessly oh and fast charging no worries this hub also comes with three usb 3.0 ports which can achieve data transfer at up to five gigabytes per second and the HDMI port also supports 4k at 30 hertz at a maximum resolution of 3840 by 2160.

let's show you the hub in practice so I'm going to use my phone and a windows laptop to demonstrate the fast charging plug this into your laptop plug your power cable into here turn the power on do exactly the same but plug this into your phone bosh the usb 3.0 ports are pretty self-explanatory you plug in any USB devices be that an actual usb stick or even peripherals and it just works the HDMI port works as it normally should you plug the HDMI cable into here and plug the other end into a tv or monitor and it just works you can mess about with the display settings to make it duplicate display or extend the display.

but you get the idea all right so that pretty much sums up this review on the Lemorele five in one usbc hub a massive thanks again to Lemorele for hooking me up with this i genuinely can't believe how good it is but there is more good news.