Hub USB-C 9-en-1 Lemorele : un petit hub transportable pour votre Mac 【#TC39】


    hello to all today we find ourselves in a new video to take in hand with the space and the fans of the brand the bad as you know for a certain number of years the mac are marketed with quite a few connections dilates and varied even if it has improved with the latest generation of hand Malraux and an axis which have regained their sd card port, especially if you are still one of the older generations, for example, the 2010 generation is all the same of the latest models and you want to increase the available connectors the USBs are like the ones we do not follow the brand new moon which is a manufacturer specializing in accessories that revolve around USB connectors it will help you to diversify the connectors available today.

so we find ourselves to test the 9-in-1 of the brand Lemorele what we offer in a first time these two debates the products than to test it on the rock group ball and right here at the level of the packaging we find so the USB type c on the front side we will examine the connections in more detail in a few seconds and on the backside we, therefore, find some indications concerning the man and the networks of the brand in question this fps bc have therefore nine connections and we will therefore see them immediately in the box we, therefore, find small stickers small size of a park of the mark and constrains the USB type key cable not too short but it will be necessary all the same to say to place it near their computer to small protection on the type USB port it is at the level of the hub itself.

we, therefore, have an HDMI port which is capable of outputting beyond 4.4 in hertz it is also compatible with the lower definition we can therefore connect a full HD screen to it, for example here we find three USB ports, be careful, these are usb2.0 they are therefore useful for connecting peripherals such as keyboards mice or mechanical hard drives for SSD drives it also works but you cannot you will probably not be able to take advantage of all the speeds offered by your SSD for other types of peripherals that is more than enough here we have a gigabyte ethernet port obviously the 10 cents and a thousand megabits per second compatible are useful for stabilizing your network connection finally there is the power port for geeks which is capable of supplying power your mac up to 100 watts is therefore perfect for the latest generations of MacBook pro.

and the previous ones here we have a USB port know where it could come to connect various USB peripherals it's careful it's not a thunderbolt king port so won't be able to handle very heavy devices man in terms of speed otherwise it is perfectly sufficient to connect peripheral types sd finally we end with the last two connectors namely the MicroSD port and the sd port here for the lido presentations when or even what we now propose is to keep a few devices connected and to test them in real conditions on the mc get just ie first we can come and test the internet connection and we should find that the network connection goes through ethernet on the computer as we can see right here the network connection and well passed through ethernet.

we can carry out other tests and for example, come and connect an external screen as you can see it the Mac has detected the external screen and this one and to switch it to extended display mode the main screen and the external 4k screen in this case of the dell brand and the screen is stretched and that of the MacBook pro obviously you can change its settings by making the display parameters full we note in particular that in 4 k display this is limited to 30 hertz in the lower resolutions for example between 1080p full HD, another element come and connect a small USB key and check that this appears, of course, l he main screen of the computer as we can see it appears well on the screen and this one is available in reading and writing.

we can carry out a similar test with the sd card port so we will connect an sd card there again no synchronization problem with the card is it only fully available in reading and writing as we have seen in this city where the Lemorele brand the 9in 1 model allows you to add plenty of connectors to your mac using a single USB type c connector it is also capable of recharging the mac up to 100 watts and in terms of price you can find it on the online store.