Excellent USB C hub, good build quality @Cenk 【#TC19】

this is the Lemorele usb c hub, it has a whole bunch of ports on the side here nothing on the other side and then here it has an ethernet on LAN port the ports are also very helpfully labeled on the bottom of it so it has a tf and sd card readers, two regular usb 3 ports and HDMI output of course and then here are the two usbc ports. one of them is a power pass-through meaning you plug the usb-c hub into your MacBook and then the power goes into the port into the hub and then from the hub into the MacBook and you also gain the additional usb-c port so you're not losing any ports, not even the usb c port as you can see the color matches almost exactly with the MacBook I think the as far as i can tell.

it's all-aluminum except this part and it's fairly thin it's one of the thinnest usb c hubs i've seen. it's even thinner than this ethernet port and if you place it next to the MacBook its thinner than the MacBook which is a very nice bonus i haven't tested all of the ports yet i don't have sd cards for example but i've tested the usb ports and the hdmi port and it all worked as expected it's fairly light which is good because you can just chuck it in your bag and keep it there and the connector also matches the coloron the MacBook so that's great all in all i'd say it's a usb c hub that works exactly as it should mand i'd fully recommend it.