As time went by, the companies that develop laptops have been reducing the number of ports that we have in our device, practically forcing them to acquire accessories that allow us to be able to connect different devices at the same time. Today I have a product that comes from LemorelE, it's a 9 in 1 and it's ideal for more like windows laptops let's go with the video for me this type of accessory is ideal especially if you work with a MacBook although the new  it's going to have more ports but deep down we're not going to have,

    for example, a port of that type at 2.0 3.0 in short, the permission is necessary because I transfer all the videos that I make, I store them on an external harddrive and here this accessory as you can see is a 9 in 1 multiport adapter brand of Lemorele and here you can see an image of more or less all the options that we are going to have there to work we are here some stickers and with the products or let's say devices with which we can work and we are going to have bookmark and here it is you can see that it is small and low on the back we are going to have a  small design, as you can see, there is a panda, so here we have all the ports, which is what we are going to show you next, and at the same time, connect it with our device, both of you, as we can see, here we have an ethernet port, we are going to have three ports  USB type A 2.0 we have here an HDMI input. we are going to have two slots sd card and we are going to have here also a micro sd card a c USB port.

    it is a type I know what is power delivery with support 100 watts so there you can see ideal perfect for me above all I work with the 14-inch MacBook pro effectively  It has a slot for an sd card but I work with4 cameras so we are now going to be able to use three cards at the same time and you can fix and work ina faster and more efficient way and when we talk about the MacBook pro  17inches of 2019 or 2022 agreement, in the end, it is when it has a slot for a card.

    that is also ideal here you can see what is very thin laptop easy to transport together with your laptop and like them. they will be able to use it for windows as well as the format allows there is not much to talk about this type of product more than you will find the good experience I have been playing right now with this accessory that I have done that step the design like you  you can see it's thin it's light and it's made of metal that's going to help dissipate the heat we're going to have a good variety of ports as I said we're going to have here nines ninein one we have three type2.0 ports I have been transferring data from my computer to the external hard drive no problem I have also been connecting, for example, my6 inch MacBook pro to a monitor that I have here at1080 it also works very well as you can see at this moment  we are going to have two slots for a card like that and a MicroSD card and as you know I work with different cameras at the same time simultaneously and this will help me speed up the work since I can connect are going to work here on the14 MacBook pro  with the slot that I have here for the sd card but at the same time I am going to have two more slots and this way to beable to work simultaneously and to be able to speed up my work a little more I do not have that you have the same situation, but for me this accessory is ideal.

    I have also been testing with the laptop that I have here of honor that works with windows and you will still be able to transfer data as you can see there it is appreciated  what does my external harddrive look like then we are going to be able to use this product not only to be able to transfer to it but also LAN ethernet port and in case laptop that you have maybe had a problem with that type of portI know  what has happened to me first it says inches two USB ports are faulty two had problems that they fixed it for me but at that time I was suffering when I didn't have this 14-inch one because one more port was broken and what do I do as a charge and work, At the same time, with this one here, I would not have any problems since we are going to be terrified of the book and that it is going to allow us to be able to charge our laptop and simultaneously where we are also transferring data either through a port of that type or through the media from the card slots from or micro sd or the USB ports type that we have here then definitively this accessory for me is extremely useful it is worth thirty-odd dollars it seems to me and downloads the link in the description in case you are interested in acquiring it I forgot to mention it also comes with cute panda designs on the front well this has been my life and all of today.