Chromebook + Laptop Owners - You NEED This Accessory: Lemorele USB C Hub Review [email protected]【#TC22】

    if you're wanting to use your Chromebook laptop or MacBook pro with an external monitor and other peripherals you're likely going to want to get yourself a usbc hub like this one i'm going to show you is from Lemorele so let's get it unboxed and take a look. so Lemorele kindly sent me this five in one hub for free to review but as usual, i'm giving you all my own thoughts usbc hubs like this are pretty essential now for anybody with a Chromebook or a laptop as chances are you're not going to have an HDMI port onboard on that machine and you've probably got one maybe two usb a ports on there if you're lucky.

    so this solves that problem by being an all-in-one connection via one USB C port into your machine and its going to deliver you three usb a ports in this case plus an HDMI port and its also got USB-C input for your power so that means you've got power and peripherals and display all via one connection. so getting through the packaging now and let's get this hub out so i can show it to you it's nothing too unsurprising you've seen the picture on the front but what's nice is a couple of extra things they've just included that show you a bit about the company.

    so they give you a bookmark as well which is just a nice touch and i guess pushing their brand out there you've also got some football stickers which i asked them about and they said it was just for a bit of extra fun so yeah why not, and then you've got the hub itself so here it is um just nicely packaged there you can just pop that out of the plastic you've got that l branding on the topside and there you can see the ports on the edge and just popping out that USB c connection they've protected that as well with a little plastic cap you can just um remove that you won't need that again but it's just a dust cap if you did want to keep it on there that's obviously the end that's going to go into your laptop or into your Chromebook or into your MacBook Pro and then

    here's the hub itself so it's very small it's very lightweight it's just 54 grams you see you've got the three USB-a ports there plus that usb-c to plug your power into so again just making sure your machine obviously supports power over usbc and there you go you've got your HDMI port right on the end there to put your monitor connection into so yeah really straightforward absolutely fine build quality and nice and lightweight so here's the hub in use just using an HDMI monitor with my hp Chromebook so you can see I've just plugged the HDMI end of the cable into the hub I've got USBC power to the hub as well and i have noticed that this one does need power in order to work.

    and then i've plugged the connection the usbc from the hub itself into the Chromebook of course and its worked flawlessly and I've used this with my windows laptop i've also used a couple of different monitors with it as well no problems at all and here are how it looks when you load the hub up with three usb-a connections they do sit a little bit proud as you can see but they're fully engaged so no issue there and that can be something like a USB keyboard or even a wired mouse and if that simply isn't enough connectivity for you then get over to Amazon in your region.