Anker USB C hub vs Lemorele USB C hub - ANKER LOSES @DirectTech 【#TC24】

what I've got here for you today guys is the Lemorele five in one usbc hub now i'm gonna say this is mostly for mac users guys but again anyone who has a USB-C enabled device can use this for any multitude of reasons and just quickly for full disclosure i do want to say big thank you to the Lemorele team.

they did send me this for review however they have no input on my opinion or anything i say in this video and like always say to you guys i give honest unbiased truthful reviews and news here on the channel if you're new then guys are welcome to direct tech my name is peter and i do honest unbiased reviews of devices and accessories for android and devices apple iPhone MacBook iPad you name it. let's just jump into the review so let's open this up quickly now what have we got in here.

so we've got our five in one usbc hub and there is actually something a little extra which i thought was quite nice there's a little welcome card here which is also a bookmark so i thought that was pretty cool actually and i got some stickers that came with it some of the bigger European clubs in here and just some really nice funky fun ones that you could stick on your MacBook or your windows the computer laptop iPad you name it so I think these are quite a nice touch really i've not really seen this anything before now let's talk about the usbc hub itself let's get out the packaging now first things first let's talk about first impressions and the build quality here is really nice it's metal and it doesn't feel tinny it's there's no play in it and i can see everything's closed up really nice along the edges here and the cable itself here the actual port has a nice piece of reinforcement just there if you can see.

so it's not going to break on you and the whole cable itself is actually quite tough we've got the same reinforcement here on the usbc end right there so overall the first impression of the build quality is this is very good I'm gonna rate it a solid 10 guys right up there with an anchor who is my measure against this device because i do own anchor hubs so this is right up there and this costs 29.99 on amazon.

now let's talk about how many ports are on this we've got two usbc free ports here which support up to five gigabits per second transfer speed and also 4.5 watt charging so if you want to slow charge something via usb a you can use that here we've got an HDMI port which supports up to [email protected] we have a thunderbolt free port which supports up to 100-watt charging guys so don't think for one second because this is cheaper than the anchor you're going to lose any functionality you're not and we've got an ethernet port here which supports up to one-gigabit internet speeds now there are no LEDs on this that i can see and

when I've tried it to let you know that the connection's on or anything but overall guys a very solid piece of equipment and i have been using it the transfer speeds have been good have been reliable the connection's been really good had absolutely no issues with this over the last week while i've been using it the usbc port works fine the charging works just fine over it the USB freeports charge just fine everything is perfect about this and guys let me tell you the anchor five in one is also12 pounds cheaper than this it comes in at 42 pounds and it doesn't even have all of the functionality that this has, so this is 12 pounds cheaper than the anchor one the same build quality with more functionality and more ports I can't recommend this enough.